The drilling machine for marble and granite quarries is CE compliant Hydraulic system. The drilling unit consists of a stitching unit and a takt unit. Lightweight and portable, it drills quickly due to air being pierced.

ASM 415 H/EC/HV Features
CAPACITY At marble 20-25 cm / min, drill pipe lengths in 4-5 minutes, drilling between 20-35 meters.
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM There are one tandem Pump (Vivola) on the piercing unit (400) and on the Hydromotor Fitting unit (50) on the pegging unit, and the piercing unit performs quick piercing with the hydraulic power pressure sent to the piercing unit. It has Manual and Auto download feature.
DRILLING SYSTEM 1 air gun with a diameter of 92 mm is used. The required air flow is 3600 liters per minute at 6-8 atm.
ELECTRIC MOTOR 15 BG (11 KV) 1500 rpm 380 V.AC

ATM 275 H/EC

ATM 275 H / EC electrical, hydraulic and CE compliant, quarry marble and granite block cutter, wire cut bottom and vertical cut. Full and automatic walking and makes constant cutting. Full and automatic, walkable with constant cutting power and adjustable pulley speed (0-40 m / s) large diameter pulley diameter 80 cm.

ATM 275 H/EC Features
CAPACITY Turn the rope 110 meters, which means to make about 600 m2 area cut. Marble and granite vary between 7-14 m2 depending on stone hardness. (when reinforced with additional guide pulleys rope can be connected between 150-170 mt.)
MACHINE WALKING The automatic walking system is equipped with hydraulic switches that sense the tension on the wire, and the breakage of the wire during operation is reduced to a minimum. It works with full automatic, medium pressure hydraulic system. Therefore, during cutting, continuous system is transformed into complex electric system. The cutting speed of the machine has been increased by 2 to 4 m 2.
PULLEY HYDRAULIC SYSTEM It is clutchless and gearless, equipped with hydraulic system with endless vitality. It operates at 350 atm high pressure.
ELECTRIC MOTOR COOLING 75 BG (55 KW) 380-1500 rpm
Fan cooled oil cooler with radiator.

Walking Sorting

22 KW electric motor, horizontal walk 50 cm pulley diameter

Walking Sorting
GENERAL FEATURES 22 KW electric motor
Horizontal walking 50 cm pulley diameter
Gear walking
Somt turns the diamond rope.
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